Browsh’s prerequisites are a current (57+) version of Firefox and a terminal client that supports true colour. Once you have those you can download the appropriate binary or package for your system.

Packages such as the .deb and .rpm versions provide a new browsh command. So too does the Homebrew command (for OSX users only):
brew tap browsh-org/homebrew-browsh

The static binaries however need to first be made executable; chmod a+x browsh_1.4.6_linux_amd64. You will then be able to run the Browsh TTY client with: ./browsh_1.4.6_linux_amd64.

Browsh can then be run with something like: ./browsh_1.4.6_linux_amd64


A Docker image is available that bundles an up to date version of Firefox, so that everything you need to run Browsh is self-contained. You can pull and run the TTY client with:
docker run -it --rm browsh/browsh