You need to have Firefox 57 or newer installed. For the TTY client you need to have a terminal with true colour support.

For latest release: v1.8.0


It’s not fast or saving me bandwidth
Browsh’s main usecase is to be run on a remote server, such as a cloud VM, where there is fast and cheap bandwidth. You can then access Browsh’s output over any normal SSH client or better yet Mosh (though note that self-compiling Mosh is currently needed to get true colour support). You can also access Browsh’s output via a normal browser by running Browsh in HTTP mode: browsh --http-server-mode.

It doesn’t work on Windows
This is a known bug, it’s not been a top priority because of the main usecase described in the previous FAQ answer here. Please follow this Github issue for updates.

It works but the graphics has long black lines in it
Your terminal doesn’t support true colour, see here for more details: