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Browsh is currently the work of a single person, Tom Buckley-Houston. I also fund the server costs for the SSH and in-browser HTML/text services.

The HTML/text services are particularly important as they help those around the world that must use slow and/or expensive bandwidth. So by contributing to Browsh you are not only helping the software project but also making the lives of other internet citizens more sane.

To remove the "unsupported" notice at the bottom of the terminal client or the calls to donate at the bottom of the HTML service's pages, all you need to do is set the browsh_supporter key in Browsh's config to I have shown my support for Browsh. Showing your support can be done in many ways. The best is to donate using the methods above, preferably Patreon or a recurring Paypal donation, as these allow me to make longer term and larger plans for Browsh.

However, you can also show your support by making contributions on Github, sharing Browsh with your friends, or just sending me an email or tweet with suggestions or critical feedback.

Thank you.