Welcome to the Browsh SSH service

Browsh is a modern, realtime, fully-interactive browser in your shell. It is currently backed by Firefox, so you can use almost all the sites that Firefox can. Meaning the world of JS, HTML5, SSL/TLS, WebGL, WebAssembly and more is now open to you from the comfort of your terminal.


In general all the keyboard shortcuts and mouse interactions that you would normally use on the desktop should work here. Most notably:

  • F1 opens the full documentation
  • CTRL+l focusses the URL bar
  • CTRL+q quits
  • CTRL+t opens a new tab
  • CTRL+w closes the current tab
  • CTRL+\ focuses the next tab
  • ARROW KEYS for scrolling
  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to follow links and focus input boxes

Also note that there is a monochrome mode if your terminal doesn’t support true colour, or has other rendering problems: ALT+M. See the terminal docs (yes you can just left click that link with your mouse) for tips on setting up your terminal and list of known working terminals.

Input boxes do work, though it can be a little hard sometimes to exactly where to click in order to get focus. A cursor will appear when you do click correctly.

Browsh is still in early Beta and being actively developed so many things don’t currently work. Please be patient.

For more detailed information please see the official introduction.

This session will self-destruct in 5 minutes. Or sooner if you exceed CPU and/or memory limits.